Chapter 1 Sectioned Alien Beginnings

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Chapter 1 of Sectioned Alien ‘Beginnings’

So there I sat, in the psychiatric ward smoking room of Aston Ward in Glenfield hospital (we are going back to the early 2000’s when hospitals had smoke rooms) Looking up at the smoke alarm, watching its red light flash now and then. Contemplating that it’s not just a smoke alarm but some sort of motion sensor or mini camera, when a guy jumps up from his chair, looking out the glass doors to check no staff nurses were watching and gently pulls and twists the alarm until it comes off, grins and nods at me as he hides it behind his chair. “Watch this” he said “the staff will shoot in now because that’s no ordinary smoke alarm”.

What seemed like seconds later, two members of staff rush in and look directly at the ceiling. Then looked around individually at all 8 of us ‘poorly’ people with a definite ‘who done it’ glare.

Perhaps living with mental illness gives you the ability to be a great actor or actress (in my case constantly pretending I was fine to please loved ones) none of us gave the guy away. I guess we all felt similar about staff while sectioned against our will, it was a kind of us and them divide. They promptly left saying nothing, asking nothing and not touching the now broken smoke alarm.

“Told you, it’s a sensor connected to the staff room, we even get observed while having a fag, they tap the public phone on the wall over there to”, the guy whispered as he pointed to the old pay phone in the hallway.

I realized if I wanted to get out of here I was going to have to be a clever fox and shut up. There’s no way the staff would let me go with the beliefs I had. Up until that point I’d rambled all sorts, been encouraged to write things down and express myself.

To be continued…….

Written by and copyright Sophie Huddlestone.

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Sectioned Alien Beginnings”

  1. I too remember them. You are an inspiration, Ms. Appleton. I think you are a gem amongst us, and it shines brightly like diamonds in the sky through your beautiful work and words. From across the pond…Darla

    Liked by 1 person

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